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PHP programming question?

Postby Stella007 on Wed Apr 22, 2009 10:52 am


I am trying to create an application.. Where a user inputs data into a text box... Which I am using $_POST method to retreive this information... maybe, $_GET, if I change it, dunno yet..

The data that users put into the form is hand histories from online poker...I am sure, some of you know what im talking about... If not, goto and you will know... I am creating something like this...

But, I am stuck and somewhat new to programming with PHP...

I am wanting the scripts to read multiple hand histories.. that users input.. where it will parse the whole game and not just one hand... But, I don't know how to tell the scripts to identify each hand seperately..

Where the scripts/patterns i am putting together would just clump and scramble all of the information from the inputed hands histories from users and output something totally off..

I need a way to have the scripts identify each hand history serperately,, How would you go about this?
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