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Postby nautilussoftware on Tue Apr 24, 2007 3:18 pm

[quote user="nautilussoftware" post="89051"]Hello;

I installed this mod with phpbb 2.0.22 and

it comes up in the ADMIN CP

but if I try to click on any of the items in the ADMIN CP on the left. it logs me out of the forum.

does any one know why this would be happening?



What I really wanted to do is install sub-forums. However If there is a solution where I do not have to install this mod, it would be good. It logs me out of my admin CP every time. If anyone can recommend a sub-forums mod I would appreciate it.

It seems that phpbb is upgrading the website and I could not look through any of the mods there. the mod database seems to be down, maybe even until they release version 3.0 of phpbb. I do not want to upgrade to phpbb 3.0 until it goes stable. and that seems like it will be some time in june. Does anyone know if it will support attachments and things like that right off the bat and not have to install the attachment mod separately?

thanks everyone. Sorry for multiple subjects. just did nto know where to go and get some answers right now.


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