How to Use eXtreme Styles MOD's Update Checker

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How to Use eXtreme Styles MOD's Update Checker

Postby pentapenguin on Sun Apr 03, 2005 6:18 pm

This post will explain how to use the eXtreme Styles MOD's update checker with your MOD or style.
It's very easy to do and will only take a few minutes.

1st, you will need to create a file that you bundle with your MOD or style.
It has a specific naming scheme.
If you are creating a MOD, the file must be in this format: xs_your_mod_name.cfg. You may change the your_mod_name, but the file must begin with xs_ and end with .cfg. Also, the file must be loacated in the admin/xs_your_mod_name.cfg directory.
If you're making a style, the file must be called xs.cfg and it must be located in the templates/your style/xs.cfg directory.

Here's an example xs.cfg file for subSilver:
Code: Select all

// Auto-update file for subSilver for eXtreme Styles mod.

$update['subSilver']['update_name'] = 'subSilver';
$update['subSilver']['update_type'] = XS_UPDATE_STYLE;
$update['subSilver']['update_url'] = '';
$update['subSilver']['update_version'] = '1.0';
$update['subSilver']['update_item'] = 'subsilver';


Here's an example file for a MOD:
Code: Select all

// Auto update file for My MOD.

$update['My MOD Name Here']['update_name'] = 'My MOD Name Here';
$update['My MOD Name Here']['update_type'] = XS_UPDATE_MOD;
$update['My MOD Name Here']['update_url'] = '';
$update['My MOD Name Here']['update_version'] = '1.0';
$update['My MOD Name Here']['update_item'] = 'my_mod_name_here';


A few things to note:
1. Replace the "My MOD Name Here" part in $update['My MOD Name Here'] and in all the following lines.
2. $update['My MOD Name Here']['update_type'] if you are using a MOD, set this variable to XS_UPDATE_MOD or a style, use XS_UPDATE_STYLE.
3. $update['My MOD Name Here']['update_url'] set this to your updates list on your server. (More on this in a moment.)
4. $update['My MOD Name Here']['update_version'] set this to your MOD's or style's version.
5. $update['My MOD Name Here']['update_item'] -- notice that you must use a simple naming in lowercase and underscores for spaces. (More on this too in a moment.)

2nd, you will need to create an update file on your server.
You may name it whatever you want, but I suggest something simple like what CyberAlien uses: update.txt

The file uses the following format:
Code: Select all
Comments here if you want them.

Your MOD name (optional)
<!-- BEGIN my_mod_name -->
version   0.1.0
<!-- END my_mod_name -->

Each MOD or style uses a switch like phpBB uses.
The name of the switch comes from this line in your .cfg file: $update['My MOD Name Here']['update_item']
There are four possible bits of information in the switch and each are on a separate line and are spearated with a tab.
version The current version of your MOD or style.
update The update URL of your MOD or style. It should be a direct link to the file if possible.
info A URL to more info about your MOD.
error If your MOD or style is no longer supported or it's been abandoned, just use error error message here in the switch and the user will see that it's no longer supported.

Now you're done.
I hope this tutorial makes sense.
Feel free to ask any questions! :)
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Postby Magnotta on Sun Apr 03, 2005 7:40 pm

Cool, thanks for posting that. It should come in handy.
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Postby Reiji Kurosaky on Fri Jan 06, 2006 4:45 am

Thanks man.

This will be very helpfull...from now on, whenever i develop something I will add this functionality. :P
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