Can anyone tell me which file the ACP theme editor modifies?

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Can anyone tell me which file the ACP theme editor modifies?

Postby Jayfore on Mon Apr 20, 2009 2:59 am

I need to change my common.css file (in order to change some font sizing)... However, when I do this, it causes all my profile information to be moved back to the right side (from the left). I had followed these instructions to move it to the left, and have since been told that using the ACP editor to modify files is not a good way. Any time I refresh my theme, it removes my changes... And this is supposedly one of the issues with using the editor instead of modifying files manually.

Can anyone tell me which file I am editing when I go to ACP > Styles (tab) > Themes > Edit (for prosilver)? I want to be able to refresh my theme without it removing the changes I have made... So I assume I need to manually modify whatever file is being touched by the editor here, instead of using the editor... Because if I paste back in the original contents (from what was in the editor before changing common.css), it puts the profiles back on the left but removes the font size change.
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