Moving to new host?

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Moving to new host?

Postby eclipsenow on Tue Feb 03, 2009 3:33 pm

OK, so in Maintenance there's archiving a file from the same server/host that phpbb3 was installed on, and then later restoring to that same host. That's all well and good (in theory — I've never had to do it live).

But what has to change if one actually wants to save an archive file, and then restore it to another host / installation of phpbb3 somewhere?

I have installed the same version of phpbb3 (3.0.2 for various reasons) on another server.

So what does this mean?


This will perform a full restore of all phpBB tables from a saved file. If your server supports it you may use a gzip or bzip2 compressed text file and it will automatically be decompressed. WARNING This will overwrite any existing data. The restore may take a long time to process please do not move from this page till it is complete. Backups are stored in the store/ folder and are assumed to be generated by phpBB’s backup functionality. Restoring backups that were not created by the built in system may or may not work.

How do I make them work?
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