Avatars: Modern browsers 80x80 and 90x90

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Avatars: Modern browsers 80x80 and 90x90

Postby PostBot on Thu Jan 27, 2005 3:56 pm

Pack name: Modern browsers avatars
Author: CyberAlien

[img src="http://www.phpbbstyles.com/temp/buttons/avatars/firefox_80_2.gif" /] [img src="http://www.phpbbstyles.com/temp/buttons/avatars/opera_80_2.gif" /] [img src="http://www.phpbbstyles.com/temp/buttons/avatars/firefox_90_2.gif" /] [img src="http://www.phpbbstyles.com/temp/buttons/avatars/opera_90_2.gif" /]

- Purpose of this pack is to help users advertize modern browsers. It includes avatars for Opera and Firefox browsers.
- 80x80 avatars are optimized for Morpheus and MorpheusX styles. psd file also includes color layer that allows to quickly change color scheme of avatars.
- 90x90 avatars are optimized for subSilver style. To make it compatible with Morpheus/MorpheusX color schemes enable layer "MorpheusX colors for 90x90 avatars".
- PSD file requires Photoshop CS. It might not work with older versions.

How to use it:
- Open psd file with Photoshop CS
- If you don't have Triplex font try some other font like "Arial Rounded MT"
- Select layer with avatars set that you want to edit
- Edit text twice (there are two text layers).
- In menu "File" select "Save for Web", then click "save" button.

If you don't have Photoshop or Triplex font you can ask avatar in image requests forum.

Pack includes:
- only psd file. there are no premade images.

Download: [click here]
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