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XS Mod - Common Problems

Postby DooBDee on Wed Sep 14, 2005 7:44 pm



To install XS Mod simply upload the contents of the 'root' directory (not the root dir itself, just the contents) you find when you unzip the archive, to the root of your forum or where you see config.php and index.php etc. When uploaded you will end up with a new dir in the root of your forum called 'xs_mod' as the other dirs in the root dir you uploaded already exist.

Make sure that 'includes/template.php' is over written with the one in 'root/includes' if uploaded OK then the 'includes/template.php' file on the remote server should be about 63k in size.

Two very common problems that originate from INCORRECT installation of the file.

Error One
I get this error
Code: Select all
> Template->make_filename(): Error - file does not exist
In this error, there is no template file error, therefore you forgot to overwrite includes/template.php which came with the zip archive.

Error Two
I get an error which looks something like this
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> Template->make_filename(): Error - template file not found: ../../xs_mod/tpl/frameset.tpl
This error is usually down to the incorrect upload procedure. xs_mod folder must be uploaded to forum root.
To uninstall XS simple delete includes/template.php and upload phpBB default
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Postby UseLess on Mon Oct 24, 2005 12:17 am


Directory listings before and after the mod installation;





The only difference you will see in the above images is in the bottom one there is a new dir 'xs_mod' this is where this dir needs to be in order for the mod to work. The other files in the 'root' dir are uploaded to the appropriate dirs and as they already exist only the files are uploaded.
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