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Portals for phpBB

Postby Disturbed One on Sat Dec 24, 2005 4:16 pm

I am constantly seeing posts asking about phpBB's various portals.

Here is a list of the major portals.
(All feature lists are grabbed from the portal owner's website)

ezPortal Features
- This Mod explains you how to create a portal for phpBB2 as simple as possible
- This MOD is not exactly a full functional portal system (content management system) but it looks like a portal
- You should customize/modify/improve it to fit your fantasy ;)
- It is very EASY to install and very HANDY to modify.

MX Portal
mxBB-Portal Features
- Easy to use and install web portal/CMS
- Intergrates smoothly with the popular phpbb forum forum, without modifying (modding) any phpbb files
- Intuitive, yet advanced Portal Admin Control Panel, managing every aspect of the portal
- Modular based approach with easy to use and install, upgrade (and create) addon packages
- Unlimited number of dynamic Portal Pages, making unique pages design truly creative
- Flexible Core Page Blocks featuring standard phpbb themes, BBcode/html, languages and view/edit permissions (user/group)
- Additional Module Page Blocks, enriched with tailored features
- Advanced interface for categorized menu navigation
- Cache, for fast functionality

IM Portal
IM Portal Features
- Forum-wide integration option so you can opt to display the left and/or right column blocks in every page of the forum
- Multi-page feature which enables you to create unlimited portal pages like this page with different content
- Cache system using the Cache Lite class for faster performance and less resources needed to display blocks
- Layout support so every pages can be of different layout
- Dynamic blocks so you can move blocks anywhere in any pages.
- Block permission per User level and/or per User group.
- Block file support with separate template file (phpBB standard templating system) and language file for easier localization
- BBcode or HTML style of content for static information like this block
- Choice of displaying or not displaying forum-wide blocks for each portal page
- Add, delete, hide, display or move blocks through the ACP
- Portal configuration in ACP which supports optional configuration for each block
- Portal page permission per User level and/or per User group
- Dynamic design of blocks wherein titlebar, border and background can be enabled or disabled

Blend Portal
Blend Portal Features
- No feature list found

Take a look and see which you like best. I recommend ezPortal, and I'm sure alot of people here would agree.
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