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phpBB : Critical Error : Template Issues

Postby DooBDee on Mon Nov 07, 2005 11:26 pm


:arrow: Problem One
If you receive an error looking like the following
Could not get theme data for themes_id [9]
Where [9] is any number. It means that you have modified / removed the style from the phpbb_themes table in your database. Therefore nobody can view the forum since it cant load a template file.

To fix it run the following SQL queries
Code: Select all
UPDATE phpbb_users SET user_style = NULL; 
UPDATE phpbb_config SET config_value='1' WHERE config_name='default_style';
You can either do this by using phpmyadmin - viewtopic.php?t=8580
Or by using SQL => PHP convertor - viewtopic.php?t=8534

:arrow: Problem Two
If you receive error that looks like the following:
Couldn't open template_name theme template config file
It means you have deleted or altered a file that should be located and obtained by visiting templates/<style name>/<style name>.cfg where <style name> is the style you are using. Note the .cfg file as this is the file causing the error.

The filename of the cfg file is case sensitive. subSilver is not the same as subsilver. If you are not sure what is supposed to be capitals download the original template and compare the filename in the ZIP archive with the one on your FTP. If the CFG file is missing download the template again and upload the section again.
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