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Updating phpBB

Postby DooBDee on Tue Sep 13, 2005 7:21 pm

Question: How do i update phpBB?

Answer: If you have any mods installed.

If you have MODs installed it is reccomended that you use the code changes from previous verison to next version. This will require you manually editing phpBB core files, just like you did to apply mods. After you have edited the required files according to the installation instructions you then need to upload the altered files to the remote server.

If you have no MODs installed, simple downlad the "changed files" package and upload the premade files to your host overwriting existing ones.

Once you have completed either of the above steps you then need to upload 'install/update_to_latest.php' and run it in your browser. Once you have ran this update script you must then delete it along with the 'install' directory.

Problem: I have updated the files but version number is incorrect

Solution: You forgot to run 'install/update_to_latest.php' file. Download a copy from phpbb.com and run it in your browser, once ran delete it and the 'install' directory.
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