phpmyAdmin - Executing Queries

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phpmyAdmin - Executing Queries

Postby DooBDee on Wed Sep 14, 2005 8:18 pm


Very short document indeed and shows how to execture SQL queries without using the sql.php on

This document goes for all mySQL / phpmyadmin users.

[list="*"][*]Firstly log into phpmyadmin
[*]Then find your database, this will be shown on the left pane.
[*]Once you have selected your database you should see an SQL Tab at the top of the screen. Click it.
[*]Now enter your SQL query, which may look like this
Code: Select all
ALTER TABLE `phpbb_forums` ADD forum_parent INT NOT NULL DEFAULT '0';
and click "go"
[*]It will now show you results of the query. You will either get an error message or a message / results. If you get an error, read it carefully, you could have made typo. If you are sure you have not made typo, contact the author of the mod.[/list]
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