SQL Error: 1146 (Table doesn't exist)

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SQL Error: 1146 (Table doesn't exist)

Postby UseLess on Wed Sep 28, 2005 2:46 am


If you get the following error;

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SQL Error : 1146 Table '<database name>.phpbb_cash' doesn't exist

where <database name> is the name of your database.

Then you have added a mod that requires a database update and have not either;

1. Ran a db update script (if one is supplied with the mod)
2. Not updated the database with the SQL instructions from the install text file
3. Installed the mod with EasyMod, EM does not execute SQL queries (at the time of posting this).

If the error is in the form of;

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SQL Error : 1146 Table '<database name>.ALBUM_CONFIG_TABLE' doesn't exist

Then you have not defined the constant 'ALBUM_CONFIG_TABLE' by editing 'includes/constants.php' as detailed in the installation instructions for the mod your installing. Or you have altered the file and forgot to upload the updated constants file.
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