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Adding Ranks

Postby DooBDee on Wed Sep 14, 2005 8:02 pm

Important: Those of you with free hosts will be able to add ranks, but not rank images

How to add ranks
[list="*"][*]Get yor required ranks from some website like
[*]Upload them to images/ranks or something similar
[*]For the image path, it needs to be (as an example)
Code: Select all
You do not have a / infront of images.
[*]Log into ACP and begin setting permissions. If a rank is set as a special rank, it means that this person has to be assigned the rank by you and can only get that rank by you. An example of this is moderators. If a rank is not special, it means any user can get it. An example of this is the number of posts - as you get more posts you get more stars/dots/crosses/whatever.[/list]

Problem - Rank images do not work
Check a few things...
  • Rank names are case sensitive. "this" is not the same as "This"
  • Make sure you do not have a "/" in front of the image path
  • Make sure images/ranks/ directory has CHMOD permissions 666
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