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Avatar Questions

Postby DooBDee on Tue Sep 13, 2005 8:50 pm

Task: How to set up an avatar gallery

How to: This is very simple. In your avatar directory, you will see another folder called gallery. For each avatar gallery you wish to create put images in its own directory (folder) and simply upload the folder to 'avatar/gallery/' directory.

Important: Upload the whole directory (folder) and it's contents, not a single image. The directory (folder) name is used as the gallery name. Images in directory 'images/avatars/gallery/' won't be shown, but images in subdirectories like 'images/avatars/gallery/some_gallery/' will be shown.

Task: How to enable Avatar uploading

How to: Create a directory (folder) inside the dir 'images/avatars' called 'uploads' so you end up with 'images/avatars/uploads/' set the permissions on this dir to 'CHMOD 777' and then visit the ACP -> General Config section and alter the path for 'Avatar Storage Path' to 'images/avatars/uploads'. Set the option, just above the path, 'Enable avatar uploading' to yes and your users can now upload an Avatar.

Users using free hosting will not be able to add avatar galleries.
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