How to install styles

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How to install styles

Postby DooBDee on Tue Sep 13, 2005 7:44 pm

Important: If you are using a free forum host you can not upload custom styles.

Question / Problem: I have downloaded "x" style, how do i install it?

Solution / Answer: Simple follow these steps...[list=*][*]Firstly download your style from your selected website. (obviously that is going to be :wink: )
[*]Once downloaded unzip the contents of the zip file so you get a file one directory deep with the theme contents in it. Note, do not change the case on the filename. "this" is not equal to "This"
[*]Next upload the folder to your /templates/ directory.
[*]Then log into your admin panel, head towards install styles and click install
[*]Style installed[/list]

Important: subSilver is not the same as subsilver (when dealing with directory names)
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