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ATTN: Urgent Assistance Required

Postby D_T_D on Sun Sep 14, 2008 1:01 am

Hello there

I'm in kinda need of some help here as I haven't used a forum in a long time. Rather, I am an admin on my forum and wish to update it for someone as i have previous knowlege of them. Thing is this one is different to what I'm used too and as I have already stated... not used one for a few years.

So the questions that need asking are things like:

I'm in need of a step-by-step tutorial, could anyone point me in the right dierction please?
What is this tpl ive been ready so much about, when trying to install new things into a forum?
How to remove [ Administrator ] [ Moderator ], from the Who is Online section after creating personalized User Tags?
How to change the color of the Moderator of the Forums, so they stand out better?

There are many more questions I would like answered but I'm sure if someone can point to a quality step-by-step guide they will be answered.

Thank you for your time

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