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Your Question May Already Be Answered

Postby DooBDee on Wed Feb 22, 2006 6:40 pm


Before posting, please check the [url=./viewforum.php?f=23]FAQ[/url] forum as your question may already be answered.

If you post a problem or question (one that you can not find the solution for in the FAQ forum) then when somebody replies to your question or query, it is common that a user may use an acronym that you may not understand. These acronyms are listed in the Glossay FAQ forum.

Main phpBB Support

The most common problems are listed below, please take the time to visit the link and read them before posting.
  • Error: Failed sending email :: PHP ::
  • [url=./viewtopic.php?t=8581]Eval()'d Error[/url]
  • [url=./viewtopic.php?t=9760]Couldn't open template_name theme template config file[/url]
  • [url=./viewtopic.php?t=9760]Could not get theme data for themes_id [9][/url]
  • [url=./viewtopic.php?t=8547]Updating phpBB[/url]
The most common questions on how to administrate your board are shown below:
  • [url=./viewtopic.php?t=8645]Stop guests from posting[/url]
  • [url=./viewtopic.php?t=9222]Forum default style[/url]
  • [url=./viewtopic.php?t=8516]To stop guests from...[/url]
Reccomended Forums To Visit
  • [url=./viewforum.php?f=28]Common Problems[/url]
  • [url=./viewforum.php?f=27]phpBB Installation, phpBB Update FAQ[/url]
  • [url=./viewforum.php?f=26]phpBB Administration FAQ[/url]
Of course, you're welcome to make a post if you're at all unsure, after all that's what a forum is for.
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