Do you think it is helpful to take a day off from school

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Do you think it is helpful to take a day off from school

Postby devynnichole007 on Mon Mar 16, 2009 7:16 am

Do you think it is helpful to take a day off from school to catch up with coursework?

Note that I am from the U.K and am taking my A-Levels. School coursework accounts to up to 60% of the coursework grade.

My daughter when studying for her GCSE's was given a lot of course work and she studied every single night. Yes I gave her the day off to complete a piece of course work and yes she did study all day from 9am until midnight to get it done. She got an A so it was worth all the hours she put in.

I see nothing wrong in having day off as long as one you are not going to miss to much in college that day and that second you use the time do what it is intended for finishing high school coursework.

My daughter is now doing her first year at college her work load has doubled and she studies every single night at least three hours. Saturday is her day off to do what she wants but that is it! She has managed her first year without a day off as she has learnt to pace herself.

I've been there myself. I can remember clearly how difficult was it when I had to write a comedic piece for my university coursework and was wondering, how do I make it funny? It was about a funeral and I have to make it funny!

Good luck I know how hard A levels are and she has just done many hours blood sweat and tears for her Art who ever said Art was easy is mad.
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