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Postby PostBot on Sat Nov 29, 2003 8:05 pm

All styles have been updated. All updated styles have bug fixes and additions.

And I changed license. New license (you can see it in admin control panel of your forum when you install style):

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You are allowed to use this phpBB style only if you agree to the following conditions:
- You cannot remove my copyright notice from style without my permission.
- You cannot use images from this style anywhere else without my permission.
- You can convert this style to another software, but converted style must have my copyright.
- If you want to create new phpBB style based on this style you must ask my permission.
- If you modify this style it still should contain my copyright because it is based on my work. Modified style should not be available for download without my permission.

Old license was much stricter. I removed some restrictions and clarified some points.
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