License change for all styles

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License change for all styles

Postby PostBot on Wed Mar 30, 2005 9:52 am


I'm changing one small part of license for all styles.

Acording to old license you were not allowed to create new styles based on my styles without my permission.

New license:

- You can create new styles based on my styles, but with two conditions:

1. in overall_footer.tpl and simple_footer.tpl where copyright is you must add this code to copyright notice:
Code: Select all
Based on style by <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
so users would clearly understand that style is based on my style. You might rephrase that notice, but it must contain link to Additional link to is welcome, but not required.
2. style should be quite different from original style.

You can make modified style available for download and submit modified style wherever you want (,,,, etc...).

And this license note must be included in your style, so if someone bases new style on your style that is based on my style that new style would contain my copyright notice too.
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